Sunday, July 15, 2007

Purl Boutique is the Newest Distributor of Mia Bella Candles!

"Nationwide, everyone is saying that Mia Bella Gourmet Candles are
The BEST smelling candles ever made!"

I would have to agree with this! These are truely "gourmet" candles. They are soy/veggie based, so they are the cleanest burning candles for your home. No more messy black soot inside the jar! They are also triple scented, so you can enjoy the candles even when not lit.

Check out my Scent-Sational Site where you will find an array of over 100 true-to-life aromas in Bella Blasted scents that till tease and tantalize your senses. We have something for everyone with baked goods, fruits, florals and more. Click here to start shopping now!

A Candle Lover's Dream Business!!
Do you love scented candles? Do you have the desire to earn an income working from the comfort of your own home? Read more about becoming a distributor here.
In 2004 we only had about 65 aromas - we now have over 100 - as an exciting new fragrance is released each month. Sometimes bakery aromas, sometimes florals, sometimes herbs and spices, sometimes something totally new and unheard of! You can join the Candle Of The Month Club and have the newest fragrance shipped ot your door each month too!

Play, Earn, Shop!!
You can play to win and enter my weekly candle drawing, you can join the candle of the month to have a rainbow of colors and amazing aromas delivered to your home of office each month, and you can shop right now and enjoy our bath & body, candles, melts and more delivered right to your door.

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