Sunday, March 16, 2008

Great Ways to Do Nothing

With winter on it's way out the door, here is another great way to relax:

Spend an hour in the sunshine to boost your brain's "happiness" chemistry.

You could read a book, lay listening to music, or just sit and watch nature happen!

Blog Tip for the Day

Interlink your posts! Spend one hour going through your posts and adding links to other posts (you will probably need a couple internet windows open). This will help readers redirect themselves around your blog, they will stay captivated (more than just reading the one post they may have come to visit), and they will most likely become returning readers:)

Happy blogging!

Add an Hour to your Outfit - Week of 3/17/08

This week I have chosen a pair of earrings from the etsy seller dharmadesigns.

I love the color of the earrings and I think they would be perfect for the spring season! I think paired with an airy summer dress would be perfect. Or maybe even a chunky knit sweater when there is still a chill in the air!

The earrings are titled Himalayan morning and are made of teal blue turquoise nuggets and Tibetan silver beads. They are listed at $15.00 -- what a perfectly inexpensive way to add an hour to your outfit!

To read more about the earrings and dharmadesigns, please click here

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Use a Seperate E-mail Address

The blog tip for today is to use a seperate e-mail address for all things blog related. That way your personal e-mail does not get clouded with spam! You can set your blog settings to receive e-mail notifications (such as when someone adds a comment to your post, etc). If you do not want to check up on your blog, don't check your e-mail.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Blog Tip for the Day

I am going to to add a new feature to my blog: Blog Tip of the Day

These will be helpful tips to help enhance and improve your blogging experiences!

Today's tip: Make sure you know where to view comments made to posts on your blog. Then, e-mail a new comment maker everyday!

It does not have to be a lengthy, drawn-out e-mail, just a simple "Thanks for the nice comment, I look forward to future interactions" is all that is needed. Just make sure to have your blog's website either in the body of your e-mail or your signature. This blog reader will most likely become an avid reader and can add views to your blog. You may also be able to build relationships by exchanging links, etc. You never know!

So get out there and e-mail those Thank-yous!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Avoid Slanted Lines

I read a really neat tip today:

To avoid uneven lines when writing on blank paper, place a lined sheet of paper underneath to use as a guide!

Hobby Lobby Fan!

I am a HUGE Hobby Lobby fan. I would say that on average, I visit the store three times a week. If you have a Hobby Lobby in your area, and you are a crafter, you MUST sign up to receive their weekly ad. This, of course, costs you nothing, but you will then know in advance what is on sale every week. They also have a weekly coupon and most of the time it is 40% off any one item (receiving this coupon was the main reason I signed up for the e-mail mailing)!
Hobby Lobby is open Monday through Saturday, so you will always receive the e-mail with the specials on Sunday (it is one of the best parts of my Sunday, going through what the specials will be and making my Hobby Lobby list!).

One tip: Print off multiple copies of the coupon and slip them into your purse. If you are close enough to a Hobby Lobby (as I am) where you may just be passing it as you run other errands, if you realize you could really use a new stamp, vase, picture frame, etc., you will be armed with your coupon to be able to take advantage of the discount!

You can also always view the specials online! Here is the link to Hobby Lobby's weekly specials page:

You can sign up for the weekly e-mail in the upper right hand corner and by navigating through a couple of pages, you can see if a Hobby Lobby is close to where you live.

Great Ways to Do Nothing #2

Do Nothing Challenge #2:

Brew a pot of tea or coffee and invite your neigbor over for a taste..

Meet a new neighbor or visit with one you haven't seen in a while! I bet you will share some laughter and that will also help you relax.....

Newest Candle Scent

This month's newest scent:

Rainforest- This recent blend is mysterious, with intriguing fragrances reminiscent of a lush rainforest.

If you would like a sample of this scent mailed to you, please visit my website here: and send your request!

Add an Hour to Your Outfit - Week of 3/10/2008

This week I have chosen this pair of earrings from TilleyJewels:

Very cute pink checkerboard earrings -- perfect for a date night!

The list price for the earrings is $12.00 in TilleyJewel's Etsy Shop.You can read more about the earrings and TilleyJewels by clicking here.

Remember: Take five minutes to add jewelry and add an hour to your outfit!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Great Ways to Do Nothing #1

Take some time out of your busy schedule! "To do what?" you may ask. Well, to do nothing, to relax!

My first challenge to do nothing is this:

Make a date with nature this week

It does not mean you have to go outside. Do anything you want that pertains to nature. Learn about spruce trees, go for a hike, collect rocks, make a snow angel, whatever you want! It's time to relax! There is never a right way or a wrong way to relax except to not do it:)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Add an Hour to Your Outfit - Week of 2/25/08

I have found a wonderful artist on Etsy to be featured in my very first "Add an Hour to Your Outfit" spot!

This week I have chosen this necklace from Periwinkle Studio:

I can picture this necklace paired with a crisp white collared shirt and black tailored pants, making the necklace the focal point.

The list price for this necklace is $34.00 in Periwinkle Studio's Etsy Shop.
You can read more about the necklace and Periwinkle Studio by clicking here.

Remember: Take five minutes to add jewelry and add an hour to your outfit!

Add an Hour to Your Outfit Day Is Set to Start!

Purl Boutique loves jewelry! My motto is that by taking five minutes to put on jewelry, you are adding an hour to your outfit. Therefore, each week I will be showcasing a piece of jewelry I feel would add that hour to your outfit. Most of the jewelry will come from which means it will be handmade and one-of-a-kind!

If you are a jewelry artist, and would like to see your jewelry showcased on "Add an Hour to Your Outfit Day" then please e-mail me at

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Newest Candle Scent

This month's newest scent:

Liquorice and Grapeseed - distinctly fruity liquorice accord, reminiscent of childhood treats, intermeshed with notes of raspberry, green grape and smooth caramel.

If you would like a sample of this scent mailed to you, please visit my website here: and send your request!