Sunday, March 9, 2008

Hobby Lobby Fan!

I am a HUGE Hobby Lobby fan. I would say that on average, I visit the store three times a week. If you have a Hobby Lobby in your area, and you are a crafter, you MUST sign up to receive their weekly ad. This, of course, costs you nothing, but you will then know in advance what is on sale every week. They also have a weekly coupon and most of the time it is 40% off any one item (receiving this coupon was the main reason I signed up for the e-mail mailing)!
Hobby Lobby is open Monday through Saturday, so you will always receive the e-mail with the specials on Sunday (it is one of the best parts of my Sunday, going through what the specials will be and making my Hobby Lobby list!).

One tip: Print off multiple copies of the coupon and slip them into your purse. If you are close enough to a Hobby Lobby (as I am) where you may just be passing it as you run other errands, if you realize you could really use a new stamp, vase, picture frame, etc., you will be armed with your coupon to be able to take advantage of the discount!

You can also always view the specials online! Here is the link to Hobby Lobby's weekly specials page:

You can sign up for the weekly e-mail in the upper right hand corner and by navigating through a couple of pages, you can see if a Hobby Lobby is close to where you live.

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