Monday, March 10, 2008

Blog Tip for the Day

I am going to to add a new feature to my blog: Blog Tip of the Day

These will be helpful tips to help enhance and improve your blogging experiences!

Today's tip: Make sure you know where to view comments made to posts on your blog. Then, e-mail a new comment maker everyday!

It does not have to be a lengthy, drawn-out e-mail, just a simple "Thanks for the nice comment, I look forward to future interactions" is all that is needed. Just make sure to have your blog's website either in the body of your e-mail or your signature. This blog reader will most likely become an avid reader and can add views to your blog. You may also be able to build relationships by exchanging links, etc. You never know!

So get out there and e-mail those Thank-yous!

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