Thursday, May 31, 2007

Accepting Credit Cards

Alright, so Purl Boutique is headed to a craft fair on June 9th. With new products, including the designer's products, I had to come up with a good way to display it all. I do not necessarily have a "theme", but more of a color scheme: pink, black, and white. So my fiance found an old door and shutters that he is painting pink and using crackle paint on. These will become backdrops for the purses and jewelry that I am bringing. But there were so many other things to consider than just the of them being, what payments do I accept?

I signed up at to allow me to accept credit cards. It works a little differently than you would expect however. I do not have a credit card machine, I just call the card number and other info in and it accepts/denies the card and then applies the charges. Another alternative would be to write the info down and then when I am back home to enter it on the internet. I do not know how I feel about entering info on the internet, so I am going to call the cards in.

For my website, I use This allows me to have inventory.........meaning, I can say I have only one of a certain item available and it allows it to be sold only one time. This is very important as all the items are handmade and most are one of a kind! I have been very happy with this service.

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missfire said...

Thanks for the good tip, I'll have to check out your links. There's so many CC places available online, but I like an actual real person to review them.