Friday, May 25, 2007

New York Yarn......Better than Wisconsin Yarn?

I went to New York City about a year ago. When I was there I stopped at a yarn shop (of course, why wouldn't I go there). I was actually walking around Central Park and trying to find a show that I would like to see when I stumbled upon this shop. It was on the second floor of a building in a quaint little studio. People were knitting and laughing, which made me smile.

However, I felt as if I absolutely needed to buy yarn. I was in New York City, of course this is going to be original, stylish yarn I would not be able to find anywhere else. I had never heard of Manos del Uruguay yarn (fairly expensive too). That is what I decided to purchase. But behold, upon returning to the Midwest, I discovered a yarn shop about an hour away carries this same yarn in a million colors. This is a good thing too as it has become my favorite yarn:)

There are many reasons why this has become my favorite yarn. Not only does it come in beautiful hues and is amazingly soft, by purchasing it, I am helping women in need. Manos del Uruguay yarn is dyed by a cooperative of women in the rural villages of Uruguay. This cooperative provides much needed income to approximately 350 women working in 17 locations. The yarn is made from soft Corriedale and Merino wools. If you would like something made in this yarn (a scarf, hat, afghan, etc), please contact me for a custom order!

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