Thursday, May 24, 2007

So you think you can crochet?

I have been crocheting/knitting for years now. I have even become arrogant with it (but more so just in my head than out loud). I think that I can do a pattern from memory once I have already completed the project one time. Take for instance a simple washcloth. I did two of a particular washcloth (with a repeating pattern mind you) and I thought, "what do I need the pattern for, I should be able to remember this...."

Boy was I wrong. However, I hate having a million piles of paper with patterns on them laying around with crumpled up corners. So I have a trick to my madness so that I do not attempt to crochet a pattern from memory. I copy patterns onto index cards and store them in index card boxes. Then I only need to have one card out while I am working on a project and I do not have to rely on my memory!

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